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  • Manicure
  • Come and enjoy our award-winning manicure service.

Get Simple - $25

Express manicure for perfectly shaped, buffed nails with pushed back cuticles. Followed by your choice of regular nail polish color.

Get Basic - $35

Essential manicure for beautifully shaped, buffed nails. Get detailed cuticlework, then compressed with a hot towel followed by a relaxing hand and arm massage. Of course your choice of regular nail polish color will be applied!

MOST POPULAR - Get Gelled Mani - $55

As you know our staff are gel professionals. This is our signature manicure. Your nails will be filed in a perfect shape. Cuticles are tamed, pampered and conditioned. Relaxing hand and arm massage with a hot towel finish is our last step before applying your choice of fabulous gel color! At least 14-days’ wear time, flawless finish and ZERO dry-time! (Gel is a type of a colour formula, different from nail extension.)

*Gel removals are free during your Get Gelled Mani service only if your previous gel nail polish color had been done by us. Extra charge will be applied for other cases.

Get Spoiled Hand Treatment - $20

This treatment is for those that suffer from dry, itchy and chapped hands. Firstly, you’ll receive a gentle hand exfoliation with our in-house natural sugar scrub (brown sugar+honey+coconut oil). The brown sugar and honey will exfoliate your dead skin cells while coconut oil soothes the skin. Secondly, an application of hot paraffin wax will relax and deeply moisturize your hands. This ultimate treatment will leave your hands feeling super soft and silky!

Kids Mani (age 9 and under) - $8

Shape + buff + cuticle push + colour. Your kids will love them!



$15 and up



3D Nail Jewelry

$3 and up

Custom Nail Art

$3 and up

Paraffin Treatment


Brown Sugar Scrub Treatment